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New Moving Tips

New Moving Tips

Here's a tip on how to save when choosing a moving company - Go Local!

Moving, of course, is an important moment in your life that requires crucial judgment in selecting a moving partner. You would naturally entrust your equipment, furniture, appliances, and other belongings to a mover with a good reputation. And yet you need not look far to get a reputable moving company. In the South Jersey area, for instance, a clear front runner in the moving business is BP Express . has earned the respect of hundreds of satisfied customers, as well as industry peers alike, earning the reputation as the best in the South Jersey area.

It helps that BP Express Moving Company is family-owned, and therefore espouses an honorable set of values that cascade to each team member in the moving team. Their customer service strategy is beyond the norm, and yet effectively simple - treat every customer as family! Not surprisingly, BP Express has built a satisfied customer base, having successfully completed hundreds of moving assignments, be it big or small, involving homes, apartments, or offices alike.

Save on time. Choosing a local fast professional mover enables you to accelerate your time frame. Since distance has been whittled down to a manageable factor (as compared to a mover based outside your locality), the moving company should readily be able to offer their services at a moment's notice. With BP Express, for instance, you can call and move on the very same day. The company has a team always ready to take on your immediate moving requirements.

It also makes sense choosing a moving company that is well versed with local regulations applicable to your area. BP Express has operated in the South Jersey area for more than 30 years, and has seen the development of laws that pertain to the moving industry. Thus, they are in a position to know what would expedite your moving requirements while conforming to Jersey regulations.

If the moving company is locally based, it also follows that they should be more familiar with the thoroughfares leading to and from your destination. BP Expresss, with its base in Pennsauken New Jersey, has a decided advantage in that aspect.

Save money. Going local will also save you significantly. The local moving firm, after all, does not pay any franchise fee to a mother company, which in turn will just pass on the expense to its customers via ballooned service charges. This is not the case with local professional movers They can afford to offer free consultation, low flat rates, no hidden charges, and no surcharge when moving is scheduled on weekends, or for second and third floor moving contracts. And to think that BP Express is licensed and insured! This is the mark of true professionalism.

Save on time. Save on money. There is no reason why you cannot do both with BP Express Moving Company, the best moving company in South Jersey. Call now for free estimates at 856-308-1638.

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